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Since the beginning of the football reform, the Chinese Football Association invited the German Schlappner, and the Westernization movement of Chinese football has never stopped. It has developed to its heyday. The coaches of the National Football and Olympic Games are Lippi and Hiddink, who have won the World Cup. , The top coaches who have entered the World Cup semi-finals twice, the Chinese Super League and the Chinese Football Club have also gathered a lot of well-known coaches from developed countries in football...

自从足球改革开始以来,中国足协邀请了德国人施拉普纳,中国足球的西化运动从未停止过。它已经发展到了鼎盛时期。国家足球和奥运会的教练是里皮和希丁克,他们赢得了世界杯冠军。 ,两次进入世界杯半决赛的顶级教练,中国超级联赛和中国足球俱乐部也聚集了许多来自发达国家的足球知名教练...

At the same time, it is the living space of the local coach that has been extremely compressed. This year, if it is not for the epidemic, it will be difficult for some foreign teachers to enter the country, or even the dilemma of only two Chinese coaches in the entire Super League. In addition, some local marshals also "formed their own sect" and became "fire-fighting pioneers". Usually, after the foreign coaches had problems, they rushed into office and were abandoned after the fire was rescued.


From "inviting foreign monks to recite the scriptures" to now everyone has started a competition for famous leaders, have we forgotten the original intention of inviting Yangshuai:


①The first step in adhering to the coach’s local strategy: from "superstition" to "rationality"


"Our Chinese coach can't give up. We are willing to be depraved. We have to lie down and try our best. We are a little bit pursued. After all, the problem of Chinese football has to be solved by the Chinese themselves."

“我们的中国教练不能放弃。我们愿意被败坏。我们必须躺下并尽力而为。我们被追逐了一点。毕竟,中国足球的问题必须由中国人自己解决。 。”

This is a sentence from the local coach Marin nine years ago. In the 2011 season, he led Liaoning Football Club to the third place in the Super League and was awarded the best coach in the Super League. However, after that, with the outbreak of Jinyuan football, it was difficult for the local coach to gain a foothold in the Super League. The 18-year-old Marin was embarrassed of being fired after three rounds of coaching in Dalian.

这是九年前当地教练马林(Marin)的一句话。在2011赛季,他带领辽宁足球俱乐部夺得中超联赛第三名,并被授予中超联赛最佳教练。但是,此后,随着金源足球的爆发,当地教练很难在超级联赛中站稳脚跟。 18岁的马林因在大连进行了三轮教练而被解雇,感到很尴尬。

However, after Chen Xu originated from the chairmanship of the Chinese Football Association, the core thought of Ma Lin's original sentence became the slogan of the new leadership of the Football Association:


Last year, the Chinese Football Association insisted on replacing Hiddink with Hao Wei and choosing Li Tie to replace Lippi. It realized that although foreign teachers have a more advanced understanding of the concept of technical and tactical leadership, their concepts and working methods may not fit the national team. Judging from Lippi's performance in leading the national men's football team in the top 40 matches and Hiddink's experience in leading the Olympic team, the work of the two international coaches is not fully recognized by the Chinese Football Association. However, Hao Wei and Li Tie successively took over the Olympic team and the national team, which undoubtedly released a signal:


②Guozihao should adhere to the coaching team's "local and foreign" model


It is an irreversible trend that the Chinese national team and the U-series national brands are hosted by local coaches. However, for local coaches, especially young coaches, have shortcomings in experience, the Chinese Football Association encourages coaches to strengthen their learning while also advocating "a combination of Chinese and Western". Way of grouping.


With the development of the times, modern football has also entered the "information age", and the full intervention of high technology has caused fundamental changes in modern football. Nowadays, many fans and even some media are arguing about whether a certain coach is good or not. Fundamentally speaking, they are untenable remarks, because the coaching work of modern football is no longer in the era when the coach is in control of the whole situation. It has become more and more detailed. In addition to traditional physical coaches, there are position coaches, technical coaches, tactical coaches, etc. The success or failure of coaching a team depends on the entire coaching team, not the so-and-so coach.


For this reason, the Chinese Football Association also emphasizes the "composite team" in the formation of the national team coaching team, allowing real experts and professionals in the field of football skills and tactics to join the team and improve the coaching function. Due to the lack of local professionals, the Chinese Football Association attaches great importance to the introduction of "foreign monks" in some areas.


This kind of "local and foreign" is the model that Chinese football should stick to when building a national coaching team. There have been successful precedents in the past. For example, the Chinese Women's Football National Youth Team won the runner-up of the World Youth Championship in 2004 and was hired by the Football Association. It is the coaching team with local coach Wang Haiming and Keith Brent as assistants; including Luneng fans knows best that before Li Xiaopeng led the team, many daily training and technical and tactical exercises behind the scenes are actually Brazilian coaching methods that have brought Jeonbuk Bio is handling it.

这种“本地和国外”是中国足球在组建国家教练队时应坚持的模式。过去有成功的先例。例如,中国女足国家青年队获得了2004年世界青年锦标赛的亚军,并被足协聘用。这是一个由当地教练王海明和基思·布伦特(Keith Brent)担任助理的教练团队。包括鲁能的球迷最清楚的是,在李小鹏带领球队之前,许多日常的培训以及幕后的技术和战术练习实际上是让全北生物来处理这件事的巴西教练方法。

①02 World Cup generation international players play the backbone of the local coaches


"I stepped out of the coaching position, not because I led the team and failed to play well, but because the club was disbanded." Li Weifeng felt helpless about his "unemployment", "I hope investors can share the patience and space for foreign coaches to local people. Coach some, so as to give local coaches a chance to improve."


The professional league is not only the cornerstone of training local players, but also a stage for training local coaches. There are now five local coaches in the Chinese Super League. Li Xiaopeng’s coaching situation at Luneng is relatively stable. After China Fortune’s change of the "local tyrant" strategy, Xie Feng has also created opportunities for sharpening, while Wang Baoshan and Wu Jingui are in TEDA and Qingdao Huanghai. "New coach", the former succeeded Stillik, and Wu Jingui is another head coach with a "fire fighting" nature after Liliu turned to Guardiola and Ma Qin broke the contract. The last person is Pang Li, the head of the Chinese coaching staff of Zall, who will temporarily act as the coach after Jose finishes class. In addition, at the beginning of the year, Yang Ji, who succeeded Wang Baoshan, stepped down and was taken over by Javier Pereira, assistant coach of Cruyff in Chongqing.

职业联赛不仅是培训本地球员的基石,还是培训本地教练的舞台。现在,中国超级联赛有五名当地教练。李小鹏在鲁能的教练情况相对稳定。在《中国财富》改变“土豪”战略之后,谢峰也创造了进一步发展的机会,而王宝山和吴金贵分别在泰达和青岛黄海。 “新教练”是前任继斯蒂勒克之后的继任者,而吴金贵则是另一位具有“救火”性质的主教练,此前,李留求助于瓜迪奥拉,马琴则打破了合同。最后一个人是扎尔(Zall)中国教练组负责人庞力(Pang Li),他将在何塞(Jose)完成课程后临时担任教练。此外,在年初,接替王宝山的杨吉下台,被重庆克鲁伊夫的助理教练哈维尔·佩雷拉(Javier Pereira)接任。

It can be seen from the above that the living environment of the local head coach in the Super League is quite harsh. With Li Tie being "switched" by the national team, only Li Xiaopeng and Xie Feng, who led the team to the championship group, can really hold their positions. However, Wang Baoshan and Wu Jingui led the two teams at the bottom of the Suzhou Division. After the relegation stage, if there is a slight disturbance on the front line, they may be dismissed by the veteran management.


In contrast, the two old neighbors of Japan and South Korea, in their first level league, the local coaches reached 9 and 11, accounting for 50% and 91.7%.


In the second level league, there are 12 local Chinese coaches, 17 from Japan and 10 from South Korea; the proportions are 66.7%, 77.3% and 100% respectively.


According to age analysis, the local coaches in South Korea are mainly young and strong coaches born in the 1970s. Many of these coaches are players of the generation who participated in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. The charm, understanding and knowledge of football will precede others, which is also the cornerstone of their rapid growth after teaching; the Japanese J-League also has the post-70s coach as the backbone, and the truth is roughly the same.


The type of Japanese and Korean local handsome can bring us some enlightenment, such as


②The focus of training local coaches is not "use or not"


When relevant parties vigorously advocate the use of local coaches in clubs, it is impossible to force professional football clubs to use "special status" people like the U23 policy. This is obviously a clumsy technique that will extremely undermine the marketization of professional leagues.


First of all, let the club "gold the dollar to lower the fire" is the most important thing. Nowadays, squeeze the bubble. When the big foreign aids leave one after another, the investment of the Chinese Super League teams decreases every year, the strength gap between clubs narrows, and the strong teams no longer rely on funds. In the coming arms race, the local coaches’ market will definitely pick up, because the club does not need big-name coaches to suppress big-name players, and secondly, after becoming rational, the club will also tend to use "low-cost" local coaches.


Secondly, it is the advantages of the local coaches. Take the 02 World Cup internationals as an example. They have also experienced many management positions from player to coach. Their connections in the Chinese football circle can also help the team. And other key tasks to bring convenience.


And the essential work that can really make the local coach usher in the spring has to return to the basic work of football-youth training.


One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of coaches in Japan is the localization strategy.


South Korea uses a local coach,


The idea of ​​Chinese football deliberately training a local coach is good, but it can’t just simply talk about whether the club can give the coach a chance. Even if the club gives you the opportunity and you can’t bring out results, it will naturally make you “fired”. Drop".


Looking back and thinking, Li Xiaopeng can become the most stable local coach in the Super League, is it also the credit of the orange clothing? Tianjin TEDA, who is now in the quagmire of relegation, begins to miss Liu Chunming, who once turned the team into a "positioning force". This is also a local coach who hangs up his boots in Tianjin and has good results in Tianjin. In addition, Guangzhou Evergrande is now starting to push Zheng Zhi to the commanding position step by step, which is the same reason.


A local coach who is familiar with the team, understands the team's "understanding" and has the ability, should be said to be a talent that the club can't ask for. It is a pity that what Chinese football lacks is the foundation. Regardless of the Evergrande football team, which has been in the past ten years, how many Chinese clubs can guarantee that the main body remains unchanged after ten years?


Not everyone is as lucky as Li Xiaopeng and Zheng Zhi. Wang Baoshan was a member of the Shaanxi team in the player era, but does Shaanxi have a veteran team? Ma Lin, Tang Yaodong, Fu Bo, the local coaches from Liao football players to coaching positions, where did Liao football go?


When these coaches with coaching ability came out, the old club was put in a nest, just like a medical family who has been practicing medicine for generations. When they are in the family of their generation, they can only carry a medical bag with "personal connections" inside. , "Experience" and the atmosphere of the rivers and lakes for many years, walking around the rivers and lakes, became a rivers and lakes herbalist who gave people everywhere, people have a little injury or illness, and spend a few dollars to see you, and if you think it is good, please go away. If you don’t look good, it’s fine if you don’t scold you; and if you suffer from a stubborn illness, people have to go to a foreign doctor, so they won’t come to you at all.

当这些具有指导能力的教练问世时,老俱乐部就被安置在巢中,就像一个世代相传的医学家庭一样。当他们属于这一代人时,他们只能携带里面带有“个人关系”的医疗袋。 ,“经验”和江湖的氛围多年,在江湖中漫步,成为了江湖的中医,给各地带来了人们,人们有一点伤病,花了几块钱去看你,如果您认为这很好,请走开。如果你看起来不好,不骂你就可以了;如果您患有顽固的疾病,则必须去看外国医生,这样他们根本不会来找您。

Wasn't that how the fire chief came from?


Conclusion: In the past two years, the Chinese Football Association has reused local coaches in the national team, and even used a group of retired players in the management. It is also hoped that these people who are most familiar with and understand Chinese football will work together to build the DNA of Chinese football. .

结论:在过去的两年中,中国足协在国家队中重用了本地教练,甚至在管理中使用了一批退休球员。也希望这些最熟悉和了解中国足球的人们将共同努力,共同建立中国足球的基因。 。

For example, in the "Chinese Football Association Youth Training Program" (draft for comments) issued by the Chinese Football Association in a recent periodical, it is mentioned that the Chinese National Olympic Team, National Youth Team, National Youth Team and other Chinese national echelons have demonstrated their cooperation with China in the competition. The unified playing style and tactics of the national team;


How does the club play a role in cultivating local coaches? And the national team is the same reason. Firstly, the club develops youth training, and establishes a unified and distinct tactical style from the first team to all levels. Naturally, there will be talents who can act as the head coach. Secondly, the club should pay attention to the retired players and youth coaches. Cultivation, support in all aspects of the coaching certification test, and cultivate a local coach who understands the team, will be more reliable than spending millions of euros to ask a famous coach to "scratch the lottery."


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